Find Off-Roading Paradise in Used Trucks When You Upgrade to the Z71 Package


There may be times when you need to head to the road less traveled, on terrains unsuitable for most rides. These unpredictable environments call for a reliable truck, one that gets you there and back—like the Chevrolet Z71. This truck is uniquely designed to handle foreboding terrain safely and efficiently.

Off-Roading at Its Finest

The joys of off-roading rise a notch when choosing the Chevrolet Z71 package. Starting out, all-terrain tires provide maximum traction on any surface you may encounter: dirt, rocks, mud, snow, and ice. Wheel slippage and loss of control can leave you literally off the road or stranded on this type of terrain.

The Z71 counters such terrain with Rancho Brand shocks to guarantee a smooth ride despite surfaces littered with rocks, twigs, divots, rivulets or other obstacles. The underbody is specifically designed to take punishment, thanks to its underbody transfer case shield. You can travel over virtually anything and still experience a forgiving ride. Read more from this article:


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