Car Brakes Maintenance and Timely Service Can Prevent Costly Repairs and Accidents

Car brakes are crucial to your safety as they prevent accidents and provide better control for the driver. In general, brake systems consist of three different types of brakes: service brakes, parking brakes and emergency brakes; each with a specific function within the car. Learning what these are and how they work should help determine when you should perform maintenance.

Three Types of Braking Systems Explained

Service brakes are the part of the brake system that control speed, and let your car stop and remain still when you encounter an intersection. The service brakes are operated by using the left pedal of your car. These can be powered by air or hydraulics and may even be controlled by a computer.

Parking brakes, on the other hand, are the ones that let the car or any other vehicle remain immobile on a hill or flat surface and prevents the car from going into motion when it is not being operated. It usually works by way of a lever between the two front seats or a small pedal near the driver’s door. In recent models, these systems have been replaced by a button. Read more from this article:


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