Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying Electric Cars

With the increasing demand for electric cars year on year, there’s no doubt that electric vehicle revolution is here. Statistics shows that US electric cars sales have climbed to new heights with a 59% growth rate in 2017. Globally, on the other hand, it shows that sales are just growing stronger. Just this 2016, the world saw a 41% global increase in global sales amounting to 777,497 vehicles. Should you jump in on this global trend? Here are five reasons why you should go electric in your next car purchase.

Electric Cars Are Cost Effective

Don’t let the initial cost of purchase scare you. In the long run, the maintenance cost of all plug-in cars is far cheaper compared to gas-powered cars. If you buy an electric car now, recent data shows that you will only spend about $3 worth of electricity to travel 100 miles. On the other hand, if you purchase a comparable car that uses gasoline, it will cost you over $13 to travel 100 miles. And with the fluctuations in gas prices, a journey of 100 miles can even cost more for people with gas-powered cars.

In addition, they require less maintenance cost than conventional cars. An EV owner does not need to worry about periodic oil changes, cooling system flushes, and transmission servicing. Even better, there is no need to replace air filters, spark plugs, and drive belts. Read more from this article:


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