Gas vs. Diesel Trucks: A Side-by-Side Comparison Guide for Pickup Truck Shoppers

For alpha Americans, a pickup truck is the ultimate symbol of sheer masculinity and dominance on the road. When shopping, pickup buyers are subjected to a long list of pros and cons between gas and diesel trucks. Dealerships near Portland can give pickup truck shoppers a run down of the differences between the two choices.


Aside from product quality, the price tag plays a big factor on any consumer’s list of considerations. This is no different for those buying pickup trucks; most shoppers try to buy the least expensive of their options. Gasoline trucks have the edge in this vein. They are generally cheaper than diesel trucks due to the latter’s use of heavier components for extra durability.

However, if you really are conscious of the cost-efficiency in a vehicle, then you should consider long-term savings. In this case, diesel trucks win the prize with a better fuel economy, saving you hundreds of dollars on fuel, especially given the fact that when prices of gasoline rise steadily, diesel prices usually hold steady. Read more from this article:


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