Top Five Factors that Affect the Trade-In Value of Your Used Car

One of the best ways to save money on a new car is to trade in your old one. A trade-in may be better than selling the car yourself because you avoid the paperwork needed, such as an inspection document and emissions test, not to mention proof of expenses on reconditioning the car, often presented by an individual seller.

To gain some approximation of how much your car would sell to a dealer, following are the five top factors that affect its trade-in value and what you can do about them.


Brand is a significant factor that influences trade-in value because it embodies general perceptions about the car’s quality and reliability. Less reputable brands, no matter how exotic they look or low their mileage is, tend to have lower resale prices and may lose up to 60% of their original value. Furthermore, brands can be so important that they can fetch a good value, regardless of the external or internal condition of the car. Read more from this blog:


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