Why You Should Visit Electric Car Dealerships to Become a More Successful Ride-Sharing Driver

Uber and other ride-sharing companies are gradually joining the electric car trend due to concerns over the impact of high mileage on car maintenance and the environment. Some drivers are apprehensive, however, because charging can be a hassle. If you’re new to ride-sharing or looking around to shift to a more environment-friendly vehicle as an existing ride-sharing driver, here are the top five reasons why you should consider visiting electric car dealerships to purchase an electric car.

Lower Maintenance Costs

As a ride-sharing driver who logs more miles than average, you’d be interested in an electric car’s lower maintenance costs. An e-vehicle has fewer parts as it is designed for efficiency, which means it has reduced maintenance expenses compared to gas cars. In fact, an internal combustion engine of a gas automobile has many moving parts that wear and tear while an electric car motor only has one. As a result, the yearly maintenance costs of an electric car is around a third lower than a hybrid and only about half that of an internal-combustion vehicle. Furthermore, electric cars have a lower number of scheduled maintenance visits because they have no oil changes, which translates to less shop time and longer driving and earning time. Read more from this article: http://bit.ly/2roPeWP


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