Maintain Your Car’s AC and Avoid Surprise Visits to an Auto Service Center

Visit an Auto Service Center Every Two Years to Top Up Your Freon

Have you ever had your car’s air conditioning system give up on you during a ride? If so, you understand how inconvenient it can be—in such close quarters such as a car cabin, things can get hot pretty quickly.

That’s why keeping your AC in good working order is vital to prolonging the life of this crucial component. Avoid unnecessary repair jobs to your car’s AC by following these simple maintenance tips.

Top it up

The most crucial element of your car’s air conditioning system is freon, a gas that facilitates the heat transfer to cool the auto cabin. However, about 10% of this gas permeates from your AC system each year, and its capacity to keep passengers cool diminishes with every passing year. As such, motorists are advised to drop by an auto service center every two years to top up their AC’s Freon levels. Read more from this blog.


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