Auto Service Providers Enumerate Telltale Signs of Bad Brakes and How to Avoid Them



You’ve seen it in a movie before: a guy driving his car only to find too late that his brakes are failing. Unfortunately, such accidents do not happen only in movies. Too often, motorists neglect to bring their vehicles to auto service providers for routine maintenance until it is either too late to do anything about it or their neglect has resulted in a vehicular accident.

Last December, the City of Portland reported it was averaging five car crashes an hour due to brakes failing drivers on just two inches of snow. If this is what happens on a slippery road with slightly good brakes, imagine what can happen if bad brakes come into play. Even if you don’t possess technical knowledge of cars, it’s still quite easy to spot the warning signs of failing brakes. All a driver needs in detecting faulty brakes is a steady awareness of noises from the brakes and their performance on the road. Read more on this article.


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